Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc Beauty Giveaway

Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc Beauty Giveaway

Valued at $70.00

Ten lucky winners will receive a circular makeup palette from Lauren Hutton. Approx. retail value: $70;

Model Lauren Hutton has transformed her most popular Face Disc into an all-natural circular palette featuring 11 makeup must-haves (everything except mascara) in an all-in-one kit for creating a natural, youthful, balanced complexion.

The Face Disc contains four opaque spot concealers that can be mixed to create an exact shade to cover scars, birthmarks and age spots. Use with or instead of foundation to create an un-made-up look. The ultra-sheer light concealer lightens recessed areas yet allows your skin to show through, allowing light on your skin—a great formula without filler. Use the Contouring Shadow to refine facial contours, sculpt cheekbones, clean up the jawline, and help reduce double chins. You can also use to shadow around the forehead to reshape and mask the appearance of a receding hairline.

Hutton’s Face Disc also provides blush that gives a natural, healthy-looking hue to skin. Used over lip balm, it doubles as a lip tint. Attend to your brows with a less-pigmented powder formula (not brown or gray), which allows you to create natural-looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows. The Pooch & Nose powder boasts a light tone and can be used to shape and define the nose or to recess puffy eyelids and/or as eyeshadow.

The wet/dry eyeliner can be used wet as a liner or dry as a shadow, or can be added to eyebrows for darker eyebrow colors. The Face Disc’s Lip Balm Aloe and Lanolin nourishes and rehydrates lips to make them smooth and supple, immediately improving their appearance and feel.

All formulas provide 95 percent natural-origin ingredients recommended by The Natural Products Association; high concentrations of plant-based ingredients; and an antiaging combination of grapeseed oil, green tea, vitamins, A, E and C, avocado oil and bamboo.

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