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Giveaways Winners List August 2008

By Staff Posted November 04, 2008 from

Giveaways Winners List August 2008

OFF! PowerPad Lamp & Lantern Giveaway (10 winners)

Chuck Darrah

Debby Magin

Alan Saxon

Laurie Graham

Mary Petersen

Barbara McGuffin

Linda Dutchess

Linda Delisio

Lisa Buzgo

Pat Gadbaw

Folgers Think Pink Giveaway (10 winners)

Gail Dietrich

Judith Ebneter

Maryjane Hulin

Nicole Jimenez

Catherine Kister

Alisa Messner

Meaghan Fleming

William Harmon

Christie Shook

Jacquelyn Wick


Algonquin Hotel and New York Guest Family Celebration Getaway (1 winner)

Kimberly Leach


Sushi Pack Backpack Giveaway (5 winners)

Jeanne Dudas

Andrea Brothers

Melanie Herman

Michelle Zegada-Frias

Mary Trott


Mead Writing Fundamentals Giveaway (15 winners)

Renee Thielen

Linda Turman

Andrea Martin

Louise Pocsics

Mary Sheed

Joann Colgan

Catherine Newman

Mike Mooney

J.F. Earnest

Pam Storey

Annie Smith

Becky Baldock

Patricia Anderson

Pam Jones

Stephen Demers



Twist Water Giveaway (20 winners)

Arlene Neumann

Janice Johnson

Kerry Hamrick

Terry Vanderkolk

Roberta Skrydlak

Anne DeGrace

Marsus Lupu

Mary Hofstetter

Shelby Sease

Katie Martin

Kristie Manley

Carolyn Markgraf

Joan Coates

Jo-Ann Redmon-Overton

Eileen Lammers

Marcia Drake

Pauline Mendes

Tabitha Hensley

Kristine Sansone

C. Nooyen


Hemalayaa: Beautiful Belly Workout DVD Giveaway (10 winners)

Donna Vuncannon

Karen Kirschner

Christine Hedges

Jennifer Williams

Dorothy Shepard

Bill Lenihan

Lare Caprariello

Bonnie Ottmar

Sophia Gismondi

Margaret Aranguren


Marshalls $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway (3 Winners)

Jennifer Muise

Neal Maynard

Nita Schobert


Elgydium Oral Care Kit Giveaway (25 winners)

Anna Gravlin

Kathleen Reinecke

Joan Verdeal

M Robillard

Alan Williams

Joan Newman

Ella White

Sue Marshall

Susie Nash

Rebecca Snodgrass

Tom Shebesta

Mary Church

Debra Sharp

Peg Murphy

Sherry Forer

Shelly Scott

Wendy Kadar

Dixie Hunter

Kimberly Smith

Elisabeth Hoffmann

Deana Calvanese

Tyler Hills

Jennifer Burton

Erin Gould

Valerie Munger

Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ Travel Case Giveaway (5 Winners)

Mary Jo Hamann

Janet Woodling

Robert Harris

Dan Hunnel

Phyllis Wolfe

Marival Resort & Suites Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, Getaway (1 winner)

Beverly Rothman

Virgin America Getaway (1 winner)

Laurie Joachim

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Posted by mickie

Entering a contest

I'm trying to enter the Women's day "Living Well" contest in the Februray 1 issue and can't get to a page to enter, what gives. they advertise a contest and it takes a act of congress to find the entry form

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Posted by jqw


I know how you feel, I see some names that seem to repeat themselves over the course of months.

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Posted by lydia


I been trying to win something for years and nothing has come about. I think you have to be the right person or be very lucky, ready to give up.

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Posted by Kara Korhummel


I have been entering every contest almost daily for about a year now and NOTHING. I am really disappointed. Why?

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Posted by Debra Sharp

Elgydium Oral Care Kit Giveaway Winner

I was so excited and grateful to get an email that I had won. I received my prize very quickly. This was my first Woman's Day win. SMILE

p.s. I'm few months late on posting this.

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