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5 Ways to Reuse an Old Shower Curtain

See smart reasons to keep that liner around a little while longer

By Arianne Cohen Posted August 13, 2009 from Woman's Day; September 15, 2009

5 Ways to Reuse an Old Shower Curtain

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Normally, when it's time to replace a shower curtain, the best thing to do with the old one is to just throw it away. Well, that's not the case anymore. Below, we've listed five ingenious ways to reuse this essential bathroom accessory.

1. Avoid bathroom puddles. If Rufus never stays on the bathmat, a curtain on the floor lets him wiggle without flooding the room.

2. Protect the kitchen table. Cover it up on arts and crafts days—no more paint and Play-Doh messes.

3. Catch paint. Next time you’re painting a wall, stick a curtain on the floor as a dropcloth for misdirected splotches.

4. Shield the entryway. Lay one down to catch drips and mud when a bunch of snowy boots are incoming.

5. Stay dry at a picnic. Use as a ground cloth under your blanket to prevent dew or rainwater from seeping through.

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Posted by jody

too much trouble

This site is too much trouble. Not easy to find novel ideas. Pretty lame suggestions.

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Posted by Jess

Other Ways to Reuse..

Another website with great tips on how to reuse household items is http://www.PantrySpa.com ... for example, you can reuse empty medicine bottles to make Aromatherapy Pop Tops: http://www.pantryspa.com/free-rec.../aromatherapy-pop-tops/87/index.html

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Posted by J Bean

WD missing opportunity

It takes too much effort to navigate to the specific topic in this section of household tips. Please revise the links or the layout to make it easier. Also, the tips are pretty lame. We've read them elsewhere already. The best ones I saw were added by readers. There's lots of room for improvement in this section if you want people to read it online.

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Posted by SC Hot Momma

More old shower curtain uses...

We've used them to put underneath cheap inflatable swimming pools, so there is less worry of puncture to the pool itself; when working on cars, to catch oil or fluid spills. Or cut them to size and used underneath highchairs (or kids' play tables or art easels) rather than those pricier specialty mats. We've also kept them handy for when we've had to store or transport something outside, to protect it from potential rain, instead of buying tarps separately - we just added bungee cords or rope.

One could keep one around if for no other reason than to keep Murphy's law at bay - if your roof gets a leak, you will have either something to protect your attic contents with, or in the care of hail or tree damage to your house, it can be a temporary cover until the roofers (or you) can get up there to do repairs... I never throw out a good quality shower curtain (comes completely clean with a scrubbing), can you tell?

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