Best Sites for Travel Deals

We picked 3 of the best sites for travel deals. If you have another site you think is the best site for travel deals, let us know in the comments.

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3 Sites for…Travel Deals

Find out where to score the best bargains the Web

By Staff Posted May 05, 2009 from

We’re all looking for something different when making travel plans—whether it’s the perfect destination, time-sensitive accommodations or just the best deal available. Nowadays, there are tons of travel sites on the Web to help get you to your intended destination. So, to help you plan the perfect trip we’ve rounded up three Websites for three specific traveling needs—all loaded with cool features and money-saving deals. Find the site that works for you and then count down the days until you can say “Bon Voyage!” If you’re looking for time-specific travel
If you’re planning a trip and don’t have a lot of flexibility with dates, may be your best option. Plug in all the usual required information, such as your arrival and departure cities and the dates of travel, and the site will search thousands of airline, travel agency and travel sites to find you the best deal available. This travel search engine also has cool tools like a calendar view of the best fares for similar routes by other users and fare alerts sent directly to your email inbox. If you are looking for a great deal on lodging
If you don’t feel the need to control every detail of your trip, then is a great way to save money on hotel accommodations. To find a deal on a hotel room, enter the city, the area you want to stay, the dates of your stay, the star rating for the hotel and the maximum price you are willing to pay per night. Ideal for business travel or road trips, this “Name Your Own Price” option is for the more adventurous traveler since you have to book the room before you can find out the hotel’s name and services. If you’re planning far in advance
More like a price tracker than a flight finder, this site graphs the history of your fare and makes predictions about whether the price will increase or decrease over the next seven days. After entering your travel dates and locations, will advise you to either “Buy Now: Fares Will Rise” or “Wait: Fairs Will Drop.” Users can create an account and track a fare over time, which is especially useful if you travel to the same destination frequently.

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Posted by Theresa

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