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Workout Series: Get Bikini Ready - Butt

Work your glutes with this combination exercise

By Staff Posted May 22, 2009 from

Swimsuit season is just around the corner and it’s time to get out your cute, but recently neglected swimsuit. Each week, we’ll provide you with three different exercise moves that focus on the same body part. Visit every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon for a new challenge and you will be beach and pool-ready in no time!

During the cold and stormy winter months, getting to the gym is always a little more difficult, but now that the temperature is rising it's time to get back on track! While cardio is key for controlling your weight, strength training not only helps build muscles (which boosts your resting metabolic rate), but it shapes your muscles, too—ultimately helping you achieve that lean-body look you've always dreamed of. This week, we’ve honed in on tightening up the tush so that you can flaunt your bikini or one-piece all summer long. Challenge yourself with this glutes and abs exercise demonstrated by certified personal trainer Amy McCauley.

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Posted by deven meldgaard

easy workouts

when rising from a deep squat , try bringing one knee up to about waist height and meeting it with the opposing elbow. this will work other leg muscles as well as the abs.

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Posted by neel


ye aacha hai......!!!!!!<3

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