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Put an End to Overeating

Get our daily eating plan so you don’t over do it

By Amy Fishbein Brightfield Posted August 11, 2009 from

Put an End to Overeating

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We all know the experience of starting out the day with eat-healthy intentions—only to find ourselves one chocolate bar, three spoonfuls of pasta, one bag of pretzels and two scoops of ice cream later having overdone it! Avoiding overeating is all about strategy, and the best plan starts the night before. WD’s contributing nutritionist Karen Ansel provides an hour-by-hour guide to eating exactly what you need and not one calorie extra.

8:00 pm
Plan—or even make—a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack so you’ll be armed with something healthy when hunger strikes. Some good choices: 5-6 whole wheat crackers with one tablespoon of peanut butter and one small apple, a 6-oz. yogurt with ½ cup berries.

Toss a piece of fruit in your bag to eat with lunch. This will up the fiber content and help you feel fuller longer.

Figure out what you’re having for breakfast the next morning. Aim for a high-protein, high-fiber combo like two eggs on whole wheat toast, whole grain cereal with lowfat milk or ricotta cheese on whole wheat toast topped with berries.

7:00 am
Start thinking about lunch. If you’re going to be out running errands, pinpoint which places have healthy choices like a grilled chicken sandwich, baked potato or salads.

11:30 am
Eat that piece of fruit you stashed in your bag the night before.

12:15 pm
Grab a cup of coffee or tea to bring back to your desk for dessert.

3:00 pm
Munch on your afternoon snack about three hours after lunch and wash it down with a tall glass of water. Start thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner—and make sure it includes two veggies.

5:30 pm
Slice some raw carrots, celery, green peppers and cucumber and serve them up with a ½ cup lowfat ranch dressing (or a lowfat version of your favorite dressing). This will tide you over while you prep dinner.

6:15 pm
Instead of serving dinner family style, have everyone come into the kitchen and make their own plates before sitting down at the table. This way you’ll think twice before mindlessly spooning seconds onto your plate.

7:00 pm
Right after dinner have a small (about 100-150 calories) serving of dessert. Try two Oreo cookies, pudding made with lowfat milk or ½ cup of ice cream (yes, the real stuff!) This will go a long way towards warding off mindless munching in front of the TV and late-night cravings.

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Posted by M. Horner

Over Eating

This was a good article. However as I was reading the comments I realized that this is all information we already know!
Why do we let the fast food places, the high fat foods, and high calorie foods draw us into the traps?
Someone mentioned willpower but you know you have to eat.
I quit smoking 10 1/2 years ago by adopting the motto 'I was not going to be a slave to cigarettes anymore' - I was the tough one not the cigarettes.
With FOOD it is a whole different story - I have tried to adopt the same thought process but you have to gatherings are all about, food, food - you can't just put it down and never pick it up again.
I think there is a huge amount of behavioral modification necessary as we have learned our poor eating behaviors from birth (clean your plate or else!).
Thanks for the timely reminders but what we need is a personal chef............any volunteers???

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Posted by Marie, Tucson AZ


If you are an over eating adult remember that you aren't 16 yrs old anymore and as you get older you become what you eat. Moderation helps me. I can' plan like the article suggests, too much "thinking" about eating.
I just try to do what a doctor told me once. "Put the fork down", get moving and be involved with other people.
Works for me!

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Posted by Edwinna


If you are young and determined to loose weight, find a plan and stick to it. I am 69 yrs. of age. I have been to Weight watchers, O.A. and other programs. I have not maintained a healthy weight for years. I have lost, but seem to regain each time. Please stick to a healthy plan, love yourself for who you are and forge ahead. I tell you this because I have note been too succesful at my own advice. I know it has worked for many and maybe I am too lazy. Thanks for taking time to read this.

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Posted by BevM

Better plannning needed

I've found that I need to plan at least the night before for the next day's meals & snacks.
It works even better if I plan weekly - and cook ahead. After all, if you do not buy it, you're not as likely to be eating it. (I personally am too lazy to go out in the evening when I'm tired to buy anything!)

Eating well is a lifestyle - not just a daily decision.

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Posted by Joanne Thomas, Certfied Personal Trainer

Planning ahead to prevent overeating

I not only plan my lunch at 7 AM, I plan my dinner too! My husband thinks it's funny. But, I do this to take food out of the freezer so it's ready to prepare, and plan anything I'll need to pick up at the store later. I use a slow-cooker a lot (low fat but zesty recipes), so AM planning for PM dining works for me.

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