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5 Pantry-Perfect Recipes

Clean out the cupboards for these delicious dinner dishes

By Woman's Day Staff Posted August 25, 2009 from Woman's Day; September 15, 2009

Ever feel like you have a cupboard full of food, but nothing to make? Well, Woman's Day is here to help. Below, we've got recipes for five hearty dinners made with ingredients commonly found in the pantry, freezer or fridge. From flavorful Moroccan Fish, made with frozen fish fillets, canned tomatoes and canned olives, to satisfying Cuban Beans, with pantry-friendly ingredients like canned black beans and frozen vegetables, you'll have plenty of new reasons to not get take-out for dinner.

1. Cuban Beans

2. Curried Cauliflower Soup

3. Veggie Fried Rice

4. Sicilian Pasta

5. Moroccan Fish

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