Easy Summer Desserts

Check out dessert recipes at Woman's Day to get your antioxidant fix while enjoying delicious fruits. Cherries make a delicious dessert option in the summer months when they are in season and, therefore, not as expensive.

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10 Cheery Cherry Desserts

Enjoy this tiny and tasty fruit in a sweet treat

By womantalks.com Staff Posted July 02, 2009 from womantalks.com

10 Cheery Cherry Desserts

Photo: © Charles Schiller

Definitely one of the cutest fruits around, you can usually find cherries at the grocery store all year long—though the best deals are usually when they are in season during the summer months. Besides just being pretty on the plate, these miniature fruits are also rich in antioxidants and low in fat. Of course, once you toss them into one of the delectable desserts we’ve listed below, the health benefits are overshadowed by the awesome taste. From classic Cherry Turnovers to indulgent Chocolate-Glazed Cherry Cheesecake, these recipes are guaranteed to have your family cheering for cherries.

Cherry Dessert Recipes:

1. Cherry Turnovers

2. Cherry-Coconut Snowballs

3. Apple-Cherry Crisp

4. Cherry Ice Cream Cake

5. Nectarine-Cherry Pie

6. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Bombes

7. Cherry-Rhubarb Cobbler

8. Cherry-Chocolate Truffle Bars

9. Chocolate-Glazed Cherry Cheesecake

10. Layered Poundcake with Cherry Sauce

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Posted by Doug

Love the Cherry Crisp

That Apple Cherry Crisp sounds wonderful.

One recipe I love that features the sweet brightness of cherries is for Red, White, and Blueberry Cobbler Cake which is at http://huggingthecoast.com/2009/0...ed-white-and-blueberry-cobbler-cake/

In Hungary, they make wonderful, sour cherry preserves which they serve on pancakes topped with sour cream. So good!

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Posted by Sherry

Cherry Pi

Cherry Pie is the biggity biggity big big biggity bomb.

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