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Month of Menus!

Helpful day-to-day meal planners. Each meal serves four.

By Woman's Day Staff Posted October 01, 2008 from Woman's Day

Feeding your family using our handy Month of Menus meal planner? Then strategize your weekly trips to the grocery store using our corresponding shopping lists.

September 2009 Month of Menus
September 2009 Shopping List

August 2009 Month of Menus
August 2009 Shopping List

July 2009 Month of Menus
July 2009 Shopping List

June 2009 Month of Menus
June 2009 Shopping List

May 2009 Month of Menus
May 2009 Shopping List

April 2009 Month of Menus
April 2009 Shopping List

March 2009 Month of Menus
March 2009 Shopping List

February 2009 Month of Menus
February 2009 Shopping Lists

January 2009 Month of Menus
January 2009 Shopping Lists


2008 Month of Menus and Shopping Lists

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Posted by Constance Daley

Cooking for two

When John and I were raising seven children our organized, planning ahead menus were essential to our family life. They are all grown and away from where we live and we are cooking for two. Just recently, I might add since the economy has cut into our dinner plans. He says now: "What are you making for dinner?" And I used to say "Reservations." No more! I'd like to see a Month of Menus page for seniors on a fixed income. I immediately surfed in to Women's Day and I don't see what I'm looking for. Help! OUTBACK is missing us, BONEFISH is sending advertisements, DOMINO'S wishes we'd come back to their delivery schedule. The idea of cooking more and freezing some is not as interesting as preparing for two and not freezing. We don't have a freezer. Silly us!
Please produce a column just for us and allow your readers to jump in and advise. email:

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Posted by Pat

Monthly Menus

I just discovered your magazine with your wonderful menu and shopping list feature. What a gift! I suffer from chronic illnesses which affect my appetite. It has become very hard for me to plan meals, or even think about them, when I feel poorly. This set of tools allows me to just buy and prepare the food without much thought and my family remains well fed. Can't thank you enough!!

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Posted by Michele

Monthly menus

I used to buy Womans Day just for the Month of Menus, rip it out, put it on the fridge and have my whole month planned out. It was great. Then you took it out of the magazine and I stopped buying Womans Day. I've just discovered it again....and I can't thank you enough......When you work.....the Month of Menus makes it so much easier and you are the only magazine that does it for us. Sometimes I 'll switch one Friday for another in the month etc. but at least I have a basis to go on. Way to go Womans Day! You've brought back an old friend

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Posted by Susan

Month of Menus

I love your monthly menus and have been a big fan since the 70's when I purchased my first Woman's Day magazine. Keep up the good work!

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Posted by KF

Month of menus

I do love the month of menus and the shopping list it helps me to plan out meals and shop for grocerys to have on hand. I am a working woman and I get your classic "I don't care when asking my spouse what he wants for supper. " So he is happy to have a home cooked nutrious meal ready for him and not have to eat take out. They are reasonably priced too.

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