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Funny Pet Video: "5 More Minutes"

Watch this kitten voice his disapproval at the mere mention of getting out of bed

By Woman's Day Staff Posted February 02, 2009

When asked if their pets have thoughts and feelings, animal lovers everywhere would probably unite in a synchronized “Yes!” This video illustrates that point purr-fectly...don't you think? Watch here for a humorous dose of early-morning cat-itude.

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Posted by Brock M


Love your kitty, i have a blue russian aswell when she was a kitten i found her and she was very talkative, now not so much anymore unless food is around lol

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Posted by Kermit Mitchell

I'm not a morning cat!

My brother Sylvester is like that. He hates getting up in the morning!

Not me - I love the mornings and can't wait for mom to get up and pop the top of that can of cat food!

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Posted by zippunkygirl


I've seen many very cute animals over the years. Pet Rescue Volunteer. I've seen all kinds of adorable animals. I do have a preference for Cats. This little-one is right up there in cute-factor.

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Posted by skipbit

Kitty videos

They're all so cute--just like my three!

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Posted by LassieLucy

5 more minutes

Sounds like me

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