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Craft Project: DIY Wall Shelves

Learn how to make your own shelf

By Pamela Acuff Posted July 28, 2009 from Ty Pennington at Home; Volume 2

Craft Project: DIY Wall Shelves

Photo: © Aimee Herring

Need to create some space? Then check out the directions below for easy-to-make shelves.

Skill Level: Beginner


Carpenter’s level; pencil; wooden or fiberboard shelves or 1512-inch boards cut to size; acrylic paints: white, red; paintbrushes; mounting brackets and screws; assorted fabric-covered desk accessories (such as binders, desk blotter and boxes) in orange and red; small labels with metal frames; craft glue.


1. Using level, mark shelf placement on wall above desk. Space shelves to allow for size of desk accessories.
2. Paint shelves and brackets white; let dry. Paint front edges of shelves red; let dry.
3. Mount brackets on wall where marked; place shelves on brackets.
4. Glue labels to fronts of boxes and spines of binders.

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